Giz's Lego Minifig Contest: Win The Best Vintage Sets Ever

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To mark the 30th Anniversary of the minifig, Gizmodo is celebrating a video contest with Lego. The objective: to create a movie in honor of the minifig. The short could be made using any technique you want as long as it's creative and fun (check the full rules after the jump).

The prizes? Huge ones. First, the most amazing vintage sets ever: the Galaxy Explorer and the Yellow Castle-needless to say, the value of these sets, which are new in their original boxes, goes off the charts. The third prize will be a special set designed by Lego owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, plus there will also be smaller vintage space and town sets, a whole bunch of the new vintage minifigure series, and some newer sets for the runner-ups. Yes, a whole brickload of incredible stuff.


And if those prizes weren't enough to run to get your camera out, we have asked the best Lego movie directors-Nathan Wells, David Pagano, and Nate Burr-to create three exclusive movies to inspire you. Even if you are not participating, you really have to watch these.

30 Years of Music, by Nathan Wells

Go Miniman Go, by David Pagano


Living in Meatspace, by Nate Burr


Nate, David, and Nathan will be the three judges in this contest along with Lego's director of Marketing Communications Keith Malone, and myself. Here are the rules for the contest: Theme The videos don't have to be about the 30th anniversary itself, like the two great odes to the minifig that David and Nathan have created. They just have to use the Lego minifig. Nate's, for example, is a good example of an alternative theme: just one funny skit, like the famous Death Star canteen short that uses Eddie Izzard's monologue.

One good line of work could be a 30-second fun short on any moment of technology history.


Like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak making the original Apple in the garage, the first astronauts arriving to the moon, Bill Gates retiring, a scene from a tech movie like Tron or War Games, or some famous advertising. But don't be constrained by that. The bottom line is that, as long as it is original, creative, and revolves around the Lego minifig, you are in.


Remember that your videos don't have to use stop-motion techniques-although obviously these give the best results to tell a story-and we all are partial to stop-motion because it's just cool. However, keep your mind open and explore other possibilities.



A 20- to 30-second short-the duration of a typical TV ad-will be the minimum to enter the contest.


Due date October 31

will be the limit.


No need to go High Definition. A 520-pixel-wide video in crystal-clear MPEG-4 format will be enough.


How to send it To send your video, we recommend you to use the free delivery service Address it to jesus at


• First and second place: Galaxy Explorer or the Yellow Castle. Whoever wins first place picks the set he or she wants. The remaining set will go to the second place winner.


• Third price: A special set designed by Lego owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen.

• Runners-up: a ton of smaller vintage space and town sets, new vintage minifigure series, and newer sets.


Do you have any questions? Write them in the comments and we will answer them. Standard Gawker contest rules apply. [Go Miniman Go]

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@OMG! Ponies!: Someone could produce a prequel, say, the first time Darth Vader ordered penne a la arrabiata at an Olive Garden, and hired the chef on the spot to run the Death Star Café. The chef publishes "Death Star Delicious: Lord Vader's Favorite Recipes," is interviewed on Oprah, and is offered a coveted Iron Chef position on the Food Network. Although Iron Chef is one of Vader's favorite shows, the chef must decline. Vader is concerned the growing reputation for excellent food aboard the Death Star is attracting the same population of recent grads applying to Google, which has become a subsidiary of the Galactic Empire, and needs them to complete work on its much-delayed phone. As consolation, Vader gives the chef some really excellent Lego replicas of a couple planets he demolished, and a trainset.