Glowing Scale Looks Like a Star Trek-Inspired Transporter To a Thinner You

Medisana's TargetScale is another wireless weight-monitoring solution that reports back to a smartphone so you can better track your progress. But its real appeal is a set of animated glowing rings that will make your bathroom feel like Captain Kirk's most private quarters.

Using the accompanying free VitaDock app on your iOS device you can track and analyze your weight loss over time as you work towards your goal. But that's functionality we've seen before. What makes the TargetScale most appealing is its ability to also determine your body mass index, your body's fat and water content, and even its muscle and bone mass. In fact it will track this for up to four different users, even if they don't have an iPhone to sync it too.


It can also perform a balance test to determine the distribution of weight on each foot, but we're most enamored by the $200+ scale's glowing concentric rings.

Not only do they look slick, but depending on the pattern in which they light up, they also provide a quick visual indicator as to whether your current weigh-in brings you closer or farther to your goal. Which can be less discouraging for someone trying to shed a few pounds than seeing exactly how much they may have gained. [Firebox via Coolest Gadgets]

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