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Go Behind the Scenes of WandaVision's Vision vs. Vision Fight

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Wait, that’s not Vision!
Wait, that’s not Vision!
Screenshot: Marvel Studios/YouTube

What’s better than Paul Bettany? Two Paul Bettanys. And that’s exactly what fans got in the finale of WandaVision as two versions of Vision showed down in a massive battle all across Westview.

To bring the perfection of two Bettanys together, the team behind WandaVision had a herculean task. Not only did they have to shoot the scene twice, so Bettany could play both roles in shots which would then be combined, almost a full library had to be constructed to film the scene as well. Not to mention all the wire work, costume work, and more.

But that’s just one of the many big effects scenes across the series. In a new video from Marvel Entertainment, host Lorraine Cink interviews VFX supervisor Tara DeMarco about that big finale scene as well as topics like practical effects in the 1950s, duplicating the technology of the 1960s, and more. If you’re missing WandaVision, this should do the trick.

While I personally enjoyed the stuff about the final battle, the shots of Bettany in blue make-up because the purple was too dark for black and white is great too. As are the scenes we that thought were in black and white on the show, which are presented in color here. It’s a pretty good little video and a nice companion to the longer making-of documentary, which you can find on Disnesy+ along with all of WandaVision.


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