It’s showtime. The Iowa Caucus is today and Iowans from all 99 counties are making their voices heard. But the Garbage Pail Kids special Iowa Caucus edition has the candidates as you’ve never seen them before.

There’s Donald Dump wiping his buttocks (the best buttocks ever, no doubt) with the US Constitution. And Hounded Hillary pretending that her classified emails are no big deal. And, of course, there’s Brainy Ben, who seems to have taken it upon himself to fix whatever’s going on up there in his own noggin.


The cards also come with two stickers. But if the Topps website is a bit sluggish today that might have to do with the disclaimer about the bonus stickers: “This is a special Iowa Caucus GPK edition of the 2016 Presidental Candidates, and includes 2 stickers. This will only be available for 24 hours and we will print the number of stickers ordered.”

So order now if you’re dying to get your hands on the stickers that come with this set. Those Berserk Bernie and Joyless Jeb cards won’t be around for long.


Update: It looks like (some?) cards have been pulled from the Topps website, presumably because they sold out. There’s always eBay.


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