Today’s the day, folks. Today, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will let you register your drone on a brand new and surprisingly sharp-looking website. Well, saying the government will “let you register your drone” is putting it lightly. The FAA is forcing you to.

New drone rules mean that any aircraft weighing more than 250 grams needs to be registered. The owner’s name and address will be stored in a database that will reportedly be both public and searchable. Meanwhile, you’ll have to file an old fashioned paper registration form for your drone if it weighs more than 55 pounds or if it’s used for anything other than recreation, including commercial purposes. You’ll also have to file by paper if you plan on taking the device out of the country.


Rules, rules, rules. Will they stop people from crashing their drones into crowded places? Probably not. Will it help us find the asshole that crashed it? Probably maybe as long as they did the responsible thing and registered their drone.

Register your drone here. Important details: Registration is only free until January 21 and will cost $5 thereafter. You’ll still need to give the FAA your credit card information, and they’ll still charge you $5 until then. But they promise to give it back. You’ll also have to confirm that you’ve read the rules.


After you’ve paid, you’ll get one of these fancy certificates by email:


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