Go to This Library and You'll Get a Human Being with Your Book

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Books, at least as we first knew them, are dying. It hurts. But one library in Surrey, British Columbia wants to keep the old boy alive by making it more interactive. No e-readers. You'll be checking people out! Umm?


The new Surrey City Centre Library wants to have people on loan for your literary needs. The idea is you'll have them by your side to strike up conversations and really learn something based on the interaction. Reading about Henry VIII? Phil, an academic and volunteer, will sit with you to discuss his scholarship and his own bout with syphilis. Everyone wins.


Ok, this is a fair idea. Just so long as it doesn't get weird. We all benefit from the perspective a friendly conversation might grant. I can see how this would be great for schoolchildren. But, as an adult, reading remains a fairly solitary activity. I don't care what your perspective on A Clash of Kings is. I'm trying to get through the series in peace without you telling me how you know a guy who's just like Khal Drogo. Well, ok, that's cool. It's just, I like my creepers to be as distant as possible. Preferably on OK Cupid. [Canada.com via The Mary Sue]

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My name is Nelson, I like to dance!

A Clash of Kings is good...Storm of Swords is way better though.