Goddamnit, Now I Want to Work at Twitter

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Any company that produces a Rushmore parody video as a recruitment tool instantly gets put on my list of Amazing Places To Work At. Google hasn't done a Wes Anderson video to my knowledge, but obviously the cafeteria compensates there.


In the marketing video, viewers are invited to "Meet the Class of Twitter HQ," and there's a surprising amount of them to meet. Anyone who thought Twitter was just a couple of geeks sitting in a windowless office, pushing code, will be severely mistaken.

We don't normally post job offerings for other companies, but Twitter's seeking designers, engineers and a HR director and recruiter. If you got all the puns and jokes in that video, and are proficient in the above job descriptions, then I guess you should get in touch with them. [@jointheflock via ReadWriteWeb]

Twitter's recruiting video:

A snippet from Wes Anderson's Rushmore, which Twitter based their video on:

UPDATE: Etsy has got in touch, alerting us to the existence of their recruitment video. It's more of a Look Around You-parody (itself, a parody), but I do like it. Bravo.


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

It's always rosy in the beginning for these tech startup companies. These kind of company cultures don't last. As they grow, companies always end up in the same way all others end up; With too much bureaucracy and no more fun.