Good Morning America Willfully Misunderstands the Internet

Guys! The GMA crew discovered this crazy site called Damn You, Auto Correct, which chronicles 100% real instances of the iPhone autocorrecting what people wanted to text to something zany. Great! Except for the part where it's fake.

Seriously, go to Try recreating the flubs on your iDevice. They will almost definitely not work most of the time, and your phone will correct a word to "Shatnered" approximately 0% of the time. And yes, iOS takes into account commonly used words and adds them to your dictionary for you. That's fine, that's a plausible explanation. But it doesn't change the fact that many of the entries use that explanation to create very funny lies.

And that's what the internet's best for: funny ideas that are taken to their extreme, overkilled, logical conclusions with the aid of Photoshop. And it's fine for us to suspend our disbelief, or maintain it and enjoy the ride anyway. But George Stephanopoulos, I expected more from you. Ditto Robin Roberts, and whoever you other people are. Because if you got snookered by the most obvious joke on the internet, how do you end up treating the ones that are actually hard to spot?


Update: Some of you are insisting that Damn You, Autocorrect! is real, because iOS takes into account words you use frequently and adjusts accordingly. But if that guy said "Shatnered" enough in real life to move the dial that much, I'll eat my hat.

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

"and your phone will correct a word to "Shatnered" approximately 0% of the time."

I don't have an iPhone so I don't know how the dictionary works but if you read the text about Shatnered, the sender clearly states that he has written that word before and that's why the autocorrect picked it instead of shattered.

Of course, it is kind of fishy that apparently he used that word enough for it to be added to the dictionary or that the person responding conveniently had a picture of William Shatner ready to send back.