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What happens if you let the notoriously fickle (and sometimes downright dirty) Google search autocomplete feature take over U.S. geography? A completely new State of the Union heavy on universities, history and other peculiarities, that's what.

Some of the new states are rather obvious, but still provide an interesting look into what Google's search field algorithms and people's previous queries "think" you're actually searching for.


KFC? No brainer. Nebraska football? From what I've seen from old college friends who hailed from there, completely obvious choice. Utah Jazz? Hmm. I suppose when it's the only notable professional sports team going it's not much of a surprise. Louisiana Purchase? Not what I would have guessed, but Jefferson would surely be proud.

Others are somewhat troubling. What's going on in Illinois that so many citizens are searching for the lottery?

Note the snapshop searches that created this map were taken on December 3 between 5:45 and 6:10 p.m. The results may have changed by now, should you wish to recreate this map yourself. [Very Small Array via Neatorama]

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