Google Cal on Cellphones

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Jacqui Cheng over at Ars Technica is pretty excited about Google Calendar for mobile phones, a service you can get to with a standard Gmail account by visiting from your phone or PDA. What did she like?

• Events are displayed in a "small-screen friendly list format"
•Clicking on event shows details, and even has map links, which she finds "helpful when I'm out and about"
• Main calendar page displays next 10 events "no matter when they occur...over a period of two days or three weeks"
• Users add entries via phone by typing simple text: "1pm brunch Sunday" is smartly interpreted and entered into both mobile cal and online Google cal "more or less instantly"


Cheng did complain about the lack of alerts, but according to Google, you can set up SMS notification for your calendar entries regardless of whether or not you're running the mobile software. She did not mention what phone she used for the test, or even which phones are or are not supported.

Is it as sweet as Cheng says, or is she just drinking the Google-Aid? If you've already tried it, please fill us in.

Hands-on with Google's new calendar interface for mobile phones [Ars Technica]



I've tried it on my Ocean. It's all right, I guess. There's no way to view a whole week or a whole month (that I've seen - don't quote me on that). Considering the size of the browser, though, I'm not sure what else Google could do.

I do like that I can type in "Lunch with so-and-so on Saturday" and it automatically places "Lunch with so-and-so" on the next Saturday, or "Lunch with so-and-so on June 8 at 7 pm" and there it is.

I can't find a way to delete or edit an entry, though. Unless I'm just not seeing a way, it looks like any edits will have to be done at home, which isn't necessarily cool.