Google Finds 86,000 Unprotected Printers In the Internet

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Cool new prank idea: print a bunch of pictures of butts to a random printer. Seriously, you can do it—Google has indexed somewhere around 86,800 publicly available HP printers. Google truncates the results, so you actually only get 73 rather than thousands and thousands.

A little savvy searching shows that you can hit up any of the devices listed by clicking any of the links in the results. Surprise a library in Seattle with several pages of Notorious B.I.G. lyrics. Send the University of Cambridge a hard copy of a Rihanna cover. (We actually did this, and it worked). Congrats, random Chinese IP address, you just got bombed with a fifty copies of a report I once did on War and Peace. P.S. you should probably make your printer private. [Google via Port3000]


Image credit: Shutterstock/Marynchenko Oleksandr