Google Has Ensnared Over 10 Million People in Its Circles, Latched Millions More to Android

During a call to discuss Google's record-setting quarter, CEO Larry Page shared some tidbits about the company's nascent social program: over 10 million people have Google+ accounts just a couple of weeks in, and approximately one billion items are shared and received in a single day. Still a far cry from Facebook's 750 million, but incredibly impressive in such a short amount of time. And a little disheartening when I think of how few people's circles I'm in.

The other key stat from the call? Confirmation that there are 550,000 Android activations every day, which Android honcho Andy Rubin had indicated a couple of weeks ago. That's a lotta little green men.


All that adds up to 135 million Android phones and tablets and etc. floating around in the world, with 400 devices in all to choose from. One wonders how many of those are still running Froyo and Eclair. Too many!



It seems more and more like this isn't so much a beta as it is an exclusivity ploy to get people to want to join. Pretty much everyone is able to join as soon as they get and invite these days, why would Google let an unlimited ammount of people join the beta?

I think the exclusivity of having to be invited is creating a draw to it on the level that Facebook had when it first started out being only available to college students (side note: I wish it had stayed that way).