Google Is Betraying Itself

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From a 2004 Playboy interview with Larry Page, in which the Google co-founder describes a very different company from the one we use now:

PLAYBOY: Portals attempt to create what they call sticky content to keep a user as long as possible.

PAGE: That's the problem. Most portals show their own content above content elsewhere on the web. We feel that's a conflict of interest, analogous to taking money for search results. Their search engine doesn't necessarily provide the best results; it provides the portal's results. Google conscientiously tries to stay away from that. We want to get you out of Google and to the right place as fast as possible. It's a very different model.


A lot changes in eight years. [PandoDaily via Gruber]


Anti-Star Super-Christ

The difference here is that Google's own results are more often than not the BEST results. The fact that I'm at their search engine to begin with highlights this. Google maps are better than Bing. G+ is better than Facebook/Myspace/Twitter. And so on. So yeah, Google is giving me results that include their own services above others....but that's because they literally are better and as such should be ranked higher, regardless of the search engine used.