Google TV Logitech Revue Coming September 29 For $299?

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We've known that the Logitech Revue will be the first Google TV box, and now an Engadget tipster has spilled the all-important when and how much: Revue's supposedly coming September 29 for $299. Unless you're a Dish Network subscriber.


They hear that Dish Network subscribers will be able to net one (and only one) Revue for $179, which sounds plausible given Dish's seemingly random inclusion the Google Zeitgeist swag bag last week. So the good news: this Google TV looks like it'll be jumping off pretty darn soon. The bad news: it's gonna be expensive. [Engadget]



AppleTV may be cheaper but its horrendously limited in what you can watch. not to mention you have to rent everything you watch. i'd pay more for more functionality any day. Apple still loses