Google VP Talks About the Future of Search

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The illustrious Marissa Mayer, Vice President at Google, was on Charlie Rose last night to talk about (disclaimer: I didn't watch nearly this entire hour of footage) interesting things, including the future of search.

It was interesting for our engineers to see that early index and see how far we've come in ten years. But when you think about what would be the perfect search engine, what is an answer as opposed to a result? Why are we handing you just links and URLs? You know, what does it mean to try and synthesize a video or an image or a diagram that better explains your answer or maybe even grabs facts from all the different pages and helps you do comparisons. There's just a lot of different things we can do. And that doesn't even happen into how do people search, from their phones, from their cars, how do we get more mobile, how do we deal with so many different interface challenges?


That's right, friends. Google will soon do all the legwork for you, including the thinking parts. Thank god, my brain was getting seriously tired. Click to view[via TechCrunch]

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I could never OGC to her after hearing this...