Google's GPhone Delayed Until 2009, Android Platform Still OK?

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Gary Krakow of TheStreet (formerly of MSNBC) is claiming that Google's own "GPhone" will be delayed until 2009. One question here. How can something that hasn't even been announced—Google's own hardware version of their Android operating system—be delayed?


Assuming that the phone really is in production and will be delayed until 2009, that leaves the question of whether the Android platform as a whole will be delayed, since many other manufacturers besides Google are planning their own phones. Krakow's source doesn't say, which probably means it's still on track. Either that, or horribly, horribly delayed and the guy doesn't want to induce a panic. [The Street]

Update: Google spokesdudes say that the Android platform is a-okay.

We're still on track to announce Android-powered phones this year. Some of our partners are publicly stating that they plan to ship Android phones in the fourth quarter.



Perhaps they are waiting for Nvidia's Tegra processor to become established in the Smartphone/PDA market. Right now that area is dominated by the xScale processor.

This is my theory: while Android is a new platform, Google could be readying plans to make it a drop in replacement for Windows Mobile. They hype the gPhone, just like Apple hyped the iPhone, and then they reveal that existing Windows Mobile users can get the same experience for with a download. It would be quite a coup for Google. Of course this could be scuppered by MS demaning hardware lock-ins from manufacturers, but that won't happen in a year. ;)