Google's Having Some Trouble Filling Up Its Kansas City Fiberhoods

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Google Fiber's whopping 1000Mbps Internet connections sure sound sweet, but despite the awesome deals which include free option (after a $300 construction fee), fiber doesn't seem to be having quite the draw you'd expect. That being the case, Google has lowered some of the pre-registration goals.

Google's dropping the goal in 73 affected fiberhoods, meaning that those that haven't met the goal are now closer, and those who already have are getting a bonus that might get them fiber faster. It might seem crazy that there was overwhelming demand from the get-go, but according to Google one of the main problems was inaccurate data.

Turns out that the number of residential addresses Google was building its calculations from were in some cases vastly overblown, including vacant lots and other non-residiental properties. Since your average vacant lot probably isn't interested in fiber, the response may seem more lukewarm than it really was. After the goal-changes, 41 of 74 fiberhoods in Kansas City, Kansas have met their goal, and 75 out of 128 in Kansas City, Missouri.


Aside from inaccurate data, there are still some barriers to entry that might keep folks from jumping at fiber. If you're not planning on staying put for a while, you're probably not going to want to shell out to install fiber. Or maybe you're in a long-term contract for Internet already. Or maybe you don't need it, or don't understand how rockin' it is. All that said, the process seems to be chugging along and there are seven days left to pre-register. Let's just hope this still turns out to be the first big step in high-speed fiber for all. [Google via TechCrunch]

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