Google's Latitude Leaderboards Is a Blatant Foursquare Rip-Off

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If, for some reason, you still use Google Latitude, you'll find you can now gain points for your check-ins, meaning you can be ranked on a global leaderboard. Yes, Latitude Leaderboards rips off another idea from Foursquare. The question is, though: who'll bother to use it?

The feature was launched over the weekend, without much of an announcement. In fact, not everyone is seeing the feature just yet: it only appears after you check-in somewhere, and it seems to be difficult to navigate to the leaderboard without checking in, too.

Given the success of Foursquare and Facebook Places, it seems unlikely that the Lattidude Leaderboad is going to gain Google any traction in the location announcement arena. Still, it might make it easier to become the Latitude Mayor of your local coffee shop. [Google via Engadget; Image: velorowdy]

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