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GPS-Enabled Inhalers Help Doctors Pinpoint Asthma Triggers and Causes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In order to track possible danger zones that trigger asthma attacks, the Deapartment of Health Sciences of the University of Wiconsin-Madison is working on a GPS-enabled inhaler that could potentially help asthmatics everywhere.

With this technology, every time asthmatics use their rescue inhalers, the inhalers—with built-in GPS—will be able to pinpoint exactly where they are. This lets doctors and researchers know where to study, allowing them to detect what is triggering the attacks and possibly even uncovering why people suffer from the lung disease in the first place. So basically, frequent asthma attacks at a local park could mean an excess of allergens and pet dander. But what will asthma attacks in your home tell the doctor? Having too much sex? Watching scary movies? Getting a Wii? For some of you, I'm sure it's all of the above at the same time. Am I right, am I right? [CNet]