What does Gizmodo want for the holidays? A GPS device showing the shortest route from one perfect gift to another. Until the day someone invents that, Gizmodo is your shortest trip from a media center keyboard to a living room computer and all the gadgets in between.


It's all in the 2005 Gizmodo Holiday Gift Guide. The Gizmodo staff is hand-picking cellphones, digital cameras, PDAs, gadgets, laptops, PCs, peripherals, wireless gear and home entertainment devices that will make your loved ones so excited they will pee their pants a little bit on Christmas morning. New gifts will be added daily.


Our pals at Kotaku put down their Xbox 360 controllers for long enough to do a Gift Guide, too. Check out their favorite portable consoles and PlayStation game picks. I already told Santa to get me one of those automatic button mashers.

Gawker Gift Guide

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