GPS-Tracked Biggest Drawing in the World is Complete Fake

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You know that so-called "biggest drawing in the World" made by pin-point DHL mailings of a GPS tracker? Well, all you doubting commenters were right: it's a complete and utter fake. While artist Erik Nordenankar was allowed into a DHL warehouse, that's about it as far as any real mail is concerned. A note on his website says "This is fictional work. DHL did not transport the GPS at any time." So, no GPS tracker, no DHL pin-point global mailing. Just one big steaming pile of fakeness. [Gadget Lab]

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@Fierock: The minimalist movement did a very similar thing claiming art in the most simplistic of ideas. Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain" was merely a urinal in a new location (an art exibition) and the only change he made to it was to sign it! I love art... but I have to admit the minimalist movement has always irked me just a bit . Actually make something that is art worthy! Pick up a brush... actually send a gps tracked package all over the world and see what you come up with! but at least take it beyond the idea.