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Wearing a lab coat around in public is only acceptable if you're a) Noah Wyle on a break from shooting, or b) a grad student working on boosting reception through clothing. Yuehui Ouyang is working on a solution that embeds patches of electrotextiles in order to boost reception in clothes.

By having multiple antennas on your body, there's more chance of finding one that has a closer line-of-site to the cell tower, thus increasing reception. By moving the antenna away from the phone and to your body, it could also decrease phone size.


Couple problems come to mind, though, as nobody really wants antennas in their clothing. Plus, you know, as-of-yet unknown health risks. But hey, anything to get rid of the "Can you hear me now" guy, right?

Grad student produces cell phone lab coat [The Exponent via Textually]

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