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Greatest Swag In The History of Swagginess: The Canon Lens Thermos

Illustration for article titled Greatest Swag In The History of Swagginess: The Canon Lens Thermos

Those press covering the Olympics sure do have a plum life. They bundle off to Vancouver for 16 days of watching ice-skaters embarrassing themselves, and ruthless Russian bobsledders showing their dark sides. Oh, and they get lens-shaped thermoses. UPDATE


The story goes that a Microsoft employee by the name of Josh Weisberg wandered into the Canon press tent at the Olympic Press Center, and got given a 70-200mm Canon L-series lens. Or so he thought, probably tucking it safely in his backpack before Canon realized they had gifted him a lens instead of a branded pen or hat.


I hope he wasn't too disappointed when he realized it was a thermos. I'd happily take it off his hands. [PDN Pulse via CrunchGear]

Image Credit: Josh Weisberg

UPDATE: A Facebook fan page has sprung up, demanding Canon makes the thermoses available to the general public. Even Nikon users want one...

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Finally I can afford a Canon accessory.

This reminds me of the early 90s when I couldn't afford a pager so I wore my garage door opener remote on my pants instead.