Green Cell Eco-Concept: One Battery For All

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Green Cell is a concept with a single simple idea: use safe, standardized rechargeable batteries in all portable gadgets. The environment would benefit from fewer batteries being thrown away, and you'd need fewer chargers for all your gear. Green Cell batteries would even be made without toxic chemicals, and sold from vending machines that double as recycling points. It's a staggeringly sensible idea, which might be why it earned third place in the Greener Gadgets competition. The main drawback: persuading manufacturers to configure every gizmo to the size and voltage of standard rechargeable cells. Standardization worked pretty well with the AA battery and USB, though, so you never know. [Ecofriend]


With typically such a huge markup on peripheral items, including batteries and chargers, I don't think this is economically advantageous to manufacturers. They'd only win if they created a Delphi Automotive-like partnership to protect their monopoly on parts. But without their buy-in, it no go, unless big government steps in to regulate. Enter the lobbyists.