Green Speed Air Motorbike Runs on Compressed Air. Theoretically

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No gearbox, no exhaust system, no lights sure makes for a pared-down motorbike. At least it's got an engine, however. And a nice little stand that stops it falling over when you're sitting on it in the office.

Student Edwin Yi Yuan is behind this air-brained invention, and he and his tutor at RMIT in Melbourne, are hoping to set a world land speed record in South Australia - once they get the stabilizer thingy off, I assume. It's basically a stripped-down Suzuki body, with a rotary air engine fed by high-pressure air tanks. As we all know, I'm not exactly good on the science bit of stuff, but what would happen if you're wearing heels and you puncture the tank (as you do when you're one of those fantasy chicks with big la-las, a leather bikini and tramp shoes?) I'm almost tempted to nominate myself as a test driver to find out. I'll have to do something about my current wardrobe, however. [Motorcycle USA via Core77]

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Why all these attempts to displace the source of the energy from the vehicle?

An electric bike is really a coal burning bike as the electricity likely originates at a coal plant (If it is in the US), and this thing is no different, except there's one more energy transference (electricity to kinetic in the pressurizer) and one more step to bleed energy, all in the name of novelty.

I'll take my gas powered bike, thanks. Greener, more efficient, faster, more torque, and easily refillable.