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Griffin old chum! How ya been? Is that the new iPod Nano iTrip? Lemme see that sucker...ahhh very nice!

Looks like Griffin has really gone out of their way to make the design for the Nano iTrip FM transmitter flawless. The iPod Nano sits inside the iTrip as if it were a dock. Don't worry, it'll stay put with Griffin's kung-fu grip technology or whatever, so no worries about it coming loose and smashing on the pavement. You can now adjust settings, such as which frequency you'll use to transmit to, on the Nano's screen. The new iTrip also features SmartSound volume control, selectable mono or stereo modes, stores the last 3 used station presets and supports US, International and Japanese tuning modes. I've always had success with Griffin's iTrip so I'm sure it'll kick 100x more ass for the Nano then for the original iPod. Ships in November and will set you back 50 big ones.


Griffin intros iTrip for iPod Nano [iLounge]

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