Griffin Technology PowerJolt: Jolts the iPod Back to Life

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One of the worst things that could befall an otherwise happy-go-lucky roadtrip is one's iPod dying. Don't believe me? Have you heard today's radio stations? Full of annoying deejays, bad music, and even worse talk radio? Yeah, well, there you go. And forget about turning the radio off and making conversation — everyone else is probably asleep or zoned out (except for the driver, hopefully!).

Well thank heaven for iPod auto adapters, like this recently released PowerJolt from Griffin Technology. Plug one end into the car, and the other end to your iPod of choice; a USB-Dock connector cable is included for your convenience. Your iPod will charge away while playing your fave tunes so that your sanity remains intact. Hook your iPod up to an FM transmitter, and the driver can enjoy 'em too. The roadtrip is saved, thanks to the iPod auto adapter.

The PowerJolt is retailing for $24.99 and is available now.

UPDATE: I didn't mean to imply I didn't know of other auto adapters in the market. I know they've been around for years, and there are companies that have also developed iPod docks and advanced line out for cars. I just wanted to praise the invention of such devices, along with noting that the PowerJolt did, indeed, come out LAST WEEK (and not last year or last decade that some readers have suggested). Excuse us for being excited about technology, regardless of how "passe" it is.


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