Grill Hot Dogs the Gas Station Way

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Admit it. At least once, during a long road trip, you've pulled over at a gas station, filled the tank, grabbed a $5 bottle of Desani and, just as you were leaving, inhaled a particularly saltilicious scent. Scanning through the aisle, you see its source. Hot dogs. Preservatives with a side of meat. And they are spinning on their rollers with all the gloss of a sports car unveiling. Just for a moment, you think of what could be should you be willing to sacrifice intestinal comfort for the next week. Recreate the magic at home with this $40 Automatic Hot Dog Grill Roller. And don't even think about those taquitos, either. [AJ Prindle via bookofjoe]



A 7-11 hotdog is no worse than a baseball stadium hotdog. Sure, we wave our hands and protest the 7-11 hotdog, yet we eagerly devour the stadium dog. Let's face it. With this device you could perform your own feats of hotdog-ness, at home, to your specs. Better yet, instead of hotdogs, go to your neighborhood german deli and get weiners!