GTA 5 Mod Adds Exploding Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 isn’t so great as a phone, mainly because of its propensity to explode.

It burned this guy, and this kid. Airlines want nothing to do with the handsets. The feds told people to stop using these incendiary time bombs. To put it lightly, the Note 7 rollout and recall has been a catastrophic mess.

In the real world, where people enjoy keeping all their fingers attached, these are highly undesirable qualities in a smartphone. But on the crime-ridden streets of Los Santos, the Note 7 makes a great if snarky replacement for the handy sticky bomb: plenty of mayhem, with the added benefit of plausible deniability.


Your move, Samsung.

[Product Hunt]

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John Holmes

Well, there was a mission in story mode with the Note 7 already.