KLM is going to send someone into space on an SXC Lynx spaceship in 2014. They're releasing a high altitude balloon tomorrow morning and if you guess the altitude and coordinates of where it will pop you'll be the one on that flight.

Of course, you probably don't know very much about the behavior of high altitude balloons (unless you do), so study up or just take a wild guess and "claim your place in space". The balloon is being released from the Nevada desert. It has GPS and a video stream so the ground team can keep tabs on it and determine exactly where it is when it pops. Whoever chooses the right dot on KLM's grid will launch from Curacao in the Caribbean with a trained astronaut for a total flight time of about an hour. The ticket would normally be $95,000. Seems like an inefficient way to choose space tourists, but enter before 8:30am EST if your bucket list compels you. [KLM]