Guess Which Country Makes These USB Breast Warmers?

Illustration for article titled Guess Which Country Makes These USB Breast Warmers?

Spolier: it's Japan! What other country would produce USB warming pads designed for lovepillows? No other country, that's what. Finally, ladies can work at their desks wearing only their bras in wintertime without worry of cold breasts! [Thanko via TokyoMango]


I have to go to Japan, I have to understand this crazyness. The Japanese people here in Brazil are not this crazy, heck I'm half Japanese myself and I don't have this gene. I guess it's nurture not nature. Either way I'd love to be around such ridiculousness for a while.

I wonder what I can do in Japan for work, I'm a writer but I don't think I can do much of that in Japan being that I only speak like 10 words of Japanese. Any Giz peeps in Japan that can confirm that it's worth it before I go saving up to spend a year in Japan? #usbbreastheatingpads