Guitar Hero for Mini Mes

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If your manhood is less than 2cm; (yeah, I went metric on you), chances are your hand span is not too great either. Help is not far, Frodo, as XFPS have entered the niche market with their super-tiny Guitar Hero controllers.


Not only could this possibly be the cutest accessory to date that didn't have the Hello Kitty branding across it, it will also brighten the little lives of all those in Middle Earth. Screw the ring, throw this around your neck friends and rock on! Though it may at first seem to be somewhat of a gimmick, these tiny guitars are expertly crafted from real wood and the whammy bar is genuine metal, no less. The controllers are fully functioning with backlit buttons and are currently available for the PS2 and XBOX 360 at $69.90 each. The XBOX 360 version isn't compatible out of the box; you'll have to invest in an adapter at $69.90. The price of small time gaming, unlike the size, will be daunting to all but the most serious enthusiasts.

[Product Page via technabob]




its available on the XBox 360 and the PS2!!!

does any1 else see a problem with this picture. They should put more things compatible for the PS3. The PS3 is dead.

And it sucks cause of all the hype.

I mean dam.

Well it looks cool but it looks like something a child would play with.