Guitar Hero World Tour's Touch-Guitar Previewed (Best Guitar Controller Yet)

Illustration for article titled Guitar Hero World Tours Touch-Guitar Previewed (Best Guitar Controller Yet)

IGN has the first hands on with Guitar Hero World Tour, which continues the instrument one-upmanship with a touch-sensitive neck on its more guitar-sized guitar that'll let you do lots of wicked stuff like alter notes during a sustain above and beyond the whammy bar, or tap it to play like a slap bass. In the music creator, you can use it to do things like mess with the drum machine in real time, tweak loops or add sustains or staccato notes. Overall, the new guitar-and the game-sound awesome, and not just a straight rip on Rock Band, which has us excited. [IGN via Game Life]


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Looks good, if it has a better soundtrack than rock band 2 i will have to flip a coin.