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Gundam Cafe Opens In Akihabara

Illustration for article titled Gundam Cafe Opens In Akihabara

There's no place more fitting for an official Gundam Cafe than in Tokyo's Akihabara district. Sadly Japanese maids don't draw hearts in syrup over your pancakes or put "love spells" on you like at Maid Cafes...but there are Gundam biscuits!


Akihabara News visited the cafe before its grand opening to the public this Saturday, and has a full collection of photos over on their site. I do not recommend this 29-year old Japanese man look at the site though. It'd bring back too many memories. [Akihabara News via Kotaku]

Illustration for article titled Gundam Cafe Opens In Akihabara

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I walked right past this place today and thought "No.... no way..." I was on my way to pick up something at Yodobashi, so I didn't bother stopping in, however I think I'll drop by. The 'Biscuits' as shown in the image are actually taiyaki which are composed of sweet batter one each side with either red-bean (anko), cream or other fillings inside. I'll try and do a bit of a better write-up for you folks next time I'm out.

I don't know if today was the grand opening, however there were three television crews inside (it was pretty heavy rain today) and a small line of people outside.