Gunnar Optiks 3D Glasses Keep You Looking Fresh In the Year of 3D

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We've liked Gunnar's strain-reducing specs in the past, so we expect that these not-movie-theater-ugly new 3D glasses will be just the ticket for what is looking to be a 3D-heavy 2010.


Gunnar asks, and rightfully so, why the 3D glasses should be the weakest link in a new, multi-million dollar 3D industry. Their solution is this stylish pair of specs that will be available in several popular 3D formats, ostensibly including versions for polarized and shutter 3D.

Joe Croft, co-founder of Gunnar explains: "While typical 3D eyewear is stamped from a flat sheet of plastic, GUNNAR lenses are shaped, formed and cut to provide distortion free optics." High quality, comfortable, and, in this case, cool* 3D glasses will be an essential component of a successful transition to viable, enjoyable 3D in the home.


The glasses will be available from $90 in Q2, with perscription lenses arriving in months thereafter. [Engadget]

*note: Addy Dugdale refuses to deem 3D glasses "cool" until they look like this: