Guy Upgrades Nerf's New 70 MPH Rival Zeus Blaster To Be Fully Automatic

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Nerf’s new Apollo and Zeus Rival blasters are some of the most innovative additions to the toy line in decades. And while they can fire foam rounds at an impressive 70 MPH, there’s still room for custom upgrades as YouTuber LordDraconical demonstrates by making the Zeus fully automatic.

Just pull the trigger and less than a second later all 12 foam balls in the Zeus’ magazine will be unloaded on your opponents. It makes for a devastating attack, but it also means you’ll want to carry a few extra magazines with you into battle.

This mod isn’t for beginners, though. In this video LordDraconical walks you through every step, but his upgrades include everything from swapping in new trigger switches, to replacing all of the Zeus’ internal wiring, to upgrading the blaster’s batteries to a lithium polymer alternative that gives the flywheel motors a lot more kick.


There’s always the risk you could damage your new toy in the process, but the payoff seems totally worth it in this case. Your co-workers will love living in terror while working in range of your cubicle—trust us.

Update: We also wanted to give a shout out to Redditor ‘Woodpiece’ who has actually been working on a full-auto mod for the Rival Zeus for a few weeks now.

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