Gyroxus Full-Motion Gaming Chair Leans Your Entire Body

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There are gaming chairs that have speakers and a subwoofer, which are nice and have been done to death, but Gyroxus' gaming chair is a GAMING CHAIR. It's akin to the types of rigs you see in arcades that jiggles you like crazy in sync with whatever racing, flying or shooting game you've just thrown four quarters into.


The Gyroxus costs $479 and works with Xbox 360, Windows, PS3, PS2 and "Nintendo", but neither of the two ordering options list any Nintendo compatibility. If the video after the jump is correct, all it does is lean forward, back, left or right depending on which way you move the center stick. Not only does this seem not all that comfortable, it'd be kind of a pain playing titles like Gears of War 2 on this thing. But racing games, on the other hand, could be phenomenal.

[Gyroxus via Born Rich via Uber Gizmo via Uber Review]



@Aoi: Get a cushion.

Why on Earth would they demo with an adventure game. Demo this with a racing game or flight simulator. Idiots. And keep the camera still so we can see the movement in the chair. Amateurs.. I swear to God.