Hackers Hit Guy Who Live-Tweeted Bin Laden Raid

33-year-old IT consultant Sohaib Athar was just hanging out on Sunday at home in Abbottabad, Pakistan, when he heard an explosion and a helicopter hovering above. He started tweeting what was going on, and ended up unwittingly live-blogging the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. Athar has become become such an internet celebrity that his website's been hacked.

According to internet security lab Websense, someone installed code on Athar's blog that attempts to install malware on any visitors' computers. That's potentially a lot of people, given that Athar (handle: ReallyVirtual) now has over 70,000 followers thanks to his citizen reportage. (After his Al Jazeera appearance, scheduled for later today, he'll probably have even more.)


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