Illustration for article titled Hackers Using Fake Parking Tickets to Infect Computers

In North Dakota, oddly enough, hackers have hit on a new way to infect innocent computers: fake parking tickets that direct car owners to a site where they are instructed to download malicious software.


The software itself is disguised as a "toolbar" that car owners would need to download in order to see their crime and atone. But it's actually another trojan horse virus, one that installs endless popup windows and fake "antivirus" software and all that other garbage. It would be clever if it weren't so horribly, horribly mean. But as this technique is being used in something called Grand Forks, North Dakota, couldn't the punks be caught? After all, somebody's gotta be running around slapping fake tickets on random windshields, and how many people could there really be in Grand Forks? Eight? Nine? [Jalopnik]

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