The Twilight Zone is probably the best TV show of all time. You're free to disagree, but you'd be wrong. So why not watch one of the greatest Twilight Zone episodes of all time tonight, "Mr. Dingle, The Strong"? It's a great example of one (often overlooked) feature that made the series so brilliant: Everyone in it has amazing faces.

Sure, the episode is on the sillier side. But it's filled with fascinating characters and most importantly, fascinating faces. Not to get all Sunset Boulevard on you, but I'm half-convinced that one of the great failures of so much mediocre television these days has to do with the lack of interesting faces.


All of the great TV shows of the 21st century have actors with recognizable faces rather than simply attractive faces. People who are generically attractive are just that, generic. They're easy to forget. Everyone in the 1961 episode "Mr. Dingle the Strong" has a face that tells a story, even with the most subtle change in expression.

The story ‚ÄĒ that of a puny underdog given temporary super-human strength from a two-headed alien race ‚ÄĒ isn't half bad either. I told you it was silly. You can watch the episode on Netflix.


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