From our last post on the matter: With Halloween around the corner, there's one thought that scares us more than any other. It's not Dracula or reanimated corpses. It's not TP'd houses or razor blade candy. It's the day when robots turn on humans in the battle for Earth. And to prep for the event, we're throwing a contest. Dress up like a robot that's turned on the human race, maybe win a pizza. Nice response so far guys, but we have a few notes about the entries we've been receiving:Some of you have done great, but most of you are just sending yourselves in a robot costume from 2003. No offense, but we do not care about your old pictures from when you still listened to Nelly. We want pictures in which you, as a robot, are turning on Man (read: not just hanging out with Him). Think less robots dancing by a keg and more robots stealing a keg with a mob of angry humans chasing behind. Capture the moment of singularity. Capture our downfall. And in case you've forgotten the grand prize, one of you will win a whole pizza. Now, I know a lot of you read that and think we mean a large. Well, we do not mean a large. We're talking about an extra large. Feed yourself and someone you love. The only catches are that all submissions must be: 1. Original Non-Photoshopped Photos 2. Received by November 1st Send all of your best shots to tips@giz with the headline "Robots Turn on Humans" for entry, along with your contact info. May the meanest robot win. [Photo by Steve Madonna]