Halloween Costume Show Week 4: One Week to Go!

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There are just seven days left until the most spooktacular event of the year. No, not Halloween: the io9 Halloween Costume Show! The dread day of frights and shivers is so close, so come show off what you’ve got planned costume-wise.

This is our last check-in before the big day itself, so it’s your last chance to be included in our big roundup on Halloween itself. On that day, the best of the very best costumes will be lavished with praise and featured right here on io9! If you need some inspiration to get started, be sure to check out the links below to previous Costume Shows. Or take inspiration from some of last week’s entrants, like the duck-blur of brilliance that is Kevin (aka Kinja user Thorndike79) and Steph’s Darkwing Duck/Gizmoduck team up above, or their Halloween 2017 costume pairing as Mario and Luigi. In karts!


Kart responsibly folks, even on Halloween.

If you’ve already got your costume sorted, get to sharing in the comments section! And don’t forget, as always: Please post pictures of yourself (and only yourself), and tell us who you are, what you’re dressed as, and a little bit about how you put your costume together.