Halve Meeting Times With the Presentation-Sharing and Voting iPad App 'Meeting Mngr Pro'

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Oh, you work in an office where everyone has an iPad? Good for you. Here's how to spend less time in meetings and more time being productive. The $10 Meeting Mngr Pro app will obviously pay for itself very quickly.

Following blogger Seth Godin's plea for an app allowing for shareable presentations, with a voting mechanism and feedback tool, iWikiPhone created the Meeting Mngr Pro. It's pretty pricey at $10, but when you consider how much more efficient it should make those present in meetings, it'd pay for itself (and even the iPads) over time.

You can invite people into a meeting through the app, and then connect all their iPads (with an unlimited number allowed, supposedly), then send them the necessary documents or presentations for viewing on their 'pads. No more fiddling with projectors! Those present in the meeting can ask questions of the host, give feedback, and participate in surveys.


Most of Godin's requests have been met (except for the big 'bored' button!), though some of the functions such as the whiteboard, shareable browser and ability to record meetings are going to be popping along via a later update.

If I worked in an office, I'd be pretty excited about this. As it is, I'm already wondering how to set up something similar with my cat, the fridge and a couple of Android phones...[iTunes via iWikiPhone]