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Worried that you might have Multiple Sclerosis but are too lazy to go to the doctor to check and see? Well, you're an idiot, but your laziness may soon be, if not rewarded, at least not punished thanks to the work of some researchers at the University of Leeds. They've developed new biosensor technology that makes it possible for a handheld device to check for a number of different diseases in under 15 minutes.

This disease diagnosis works by detecting biomarkers — substances in the body that indicate specific diseases. For example, the protein PSA (prostate specific antigen) frequently appears at elevated levels in men who have prostate cancer; the currently administered PSA blood test is the most effective way to screen for the disease. With the Leeds team's new device, however, prostate cancer screening would become much easier.


When completed, it should make diagnosing diseases a much quicker and cheaper process, which will lead to earlier detection and better treatments. All good things! I look forward to testing myself for various diseases every day and becoming obsessed with checking and ensuring that I'm as healthy as humanly possible. [University of Leeds via io9]

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