We were promised visual voicemail for the G1 (and subsequent Android phones) by the end of the year via the folks at Fusion, a VVM provider that already has apps for several other platforms. Today, the Android version hit the Market, and we've given it a spin. So how does it work? Pretty well. Setup is fairly simple-just sign up for an account with your email address and mobile number on Fusion's site to get an activation PIN code (all free) which then pairs your G1's app with your account. After that, you have to manually change your call forwarding settings to forward to Fusion's VM server number. After that, your messages will start coming in to the app's decent but not beautiful UI like you would expect. The drawbacks? First, you can't record a custom greeting, as far as I can see (Update: You may be able to change it by dialing the number you forward calls too then entering in your PIN, but my PIN hasn't been accepted yet). A generic "the number you have reached is not available" message is the norm. It's fine, but for people who actually want their voice on the voicemail inbox, it doesn't look like that's possible with Fusion yet. And second, the notifications of new messages are inconsistent. On my phone, each voicemail is accompanied by an SMS that's full of nasty numbers (see below). Fusion has its own notifications in Android's pull-down drawer as well, but these don't pop up with every message (only one out of three test messages I left carried a notification from the actual app). That's a shame because the notification tie-in is essential for making sure you get your messages without thinking you're being spam-texted.


Aside from those two negatives, though, the service works well for free visual voicemail on Android. [Fusion Voicemail]

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