I just got some hands-on time with Hitachi's Hyrbid DVD/HDD
DZHS300A combo camcorder. While I couldn't actually record anything (apparently the Microdrive was disabled in the demo unit), I was able to ascertain that there is a reason for the nominal $599 pricepoint.

The hybrid is almost ridiculously light, to the point where more heavy/solid build materials should have been used. That chrome in the front is just painted plastic, and switching between DVD/HDD/SD offers little tactile feedback, also feeling like you might break the wheel off.

But how can I be more clear about this: if the demo unit didn't have an LCD, I would have thought it was a child's toy. But hey - it is $599. The 30GB DZHS500A model will run $799 (I think was the number) and features a black finish instead of chrome. Unfortunately it has identical build quality to its little brother.


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