Hands-On, Rock Band Drumset

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Yes, these now-blessed hands that typed this story got to rock out on the Rock Band drumset earlier today. Here's what I thought:

The drums were designed with care. Four pads with subtle color rings can be adjusted for play while either standing or sitting, while a foot pedal for the bass sits on the floor (where it can also be adjusted, from left to right). I played some Nirvana on MEDIUM DIFFICULTY BECAUSE I AM AWESOME, and I found the drums to be an even superior product to the excellent guitars we've loved for so long.


The heads feel just like practice drum pads, and Harmonix has done an excellent job making it feel like each pad is its own snare tone. The bass pedal is tough to time until you realize that it can be held down halfway between hits. Then it's smooth as a roadie's butt. (I'd assume.)

But the best part—the part I didn't anticipate—is the feeling that using real drumsticks provides to the player.


Yeah, I sucked it up a bit at first, and then I may have started banging my head, glancing over at our lead guitarist as I introduced his solo. I'm fanboying out, and I don't even care.

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As you all may as well discover when playing this game, when your rocking out on the drums, you tend to hear that noise that you just cant do away with unless you crank up the tv. Well, I found a solution for it without turning the TV way up, letting you actualy enjoy the sound of the game, instead of the sound that your drum kit is making.

This site [rockbanddrumpads.com] offers a sleak option of 2 mm pads that just apply right to your drum kit and make the sound disappear almost completely. It is very affordable (27$ with shipping included) and looks very nice. Alot nicer then the standard drum kit I think.



So if your tired of hearing your drums over the song, give this a try.