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Hands On With Vizio's Edgy New Tablet: This Is Not the Product of a "Cheap TV" Company

Vizio's new 10-inch M-series tablet is fast, sleek, and completely enviable. In terms of design, if the iPad and Galaxy Tab are luxury vehicles, this thing looks more like a Formula One racer.


The M-Series tablet is Vizio's entry into the high-end tablet market—although just how high we don't know yet, since there's no pricing or final word on specs. But think of it like this: If Vizio's 8-inch tablet is a Kindle Fire competitor, the 10-inch M-Series is gunning straight for the iPad market. It's a damn good looking, and good feeling tablet, exuding performance and style.

The most visually striking feature is its angularity. The rounded corners you've come to expect from, well, pretty much every other tablet are nowhere to be seen. All the corners, as well as the edges, are squared off at right angles. Everything is hard-edged. That overall effect is quite nice. It's noticeably different, and for some reason suggests performance.


Better, it's certainly zippy and responsive. It scrolled smoothly, and reacted quickly when we changed orientation. The apps fired fast, and looked great. Downside? It's running a skinned version of Android. That's a little bit of an odd choice, given how closely Vizio is working with Microsoft to bring a pure version of Windows 7 to market on its computers.

The stuff we could see included a top-side IR port, and a bottom-side HDMI port, for running video out. Another nice touch: integrated stereo speakers. When the tablet's in portrait mode, the topside speakers play. Go into landscape mode, and the sounds swaps to two side-by-side speakers.

All in all, it's certainly got the most enviable design of any Android tablet I've seen. And it's nice and fast too. Can't wait to take it for an extended spin. [Vizio]

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What strikes me about the whole "gunning straight for the iPad market" is I'd think the iPad has an advantage based not so much on the design or OS (although ppl have their preferences), but in its strength in the apps market. It far exceeds the others and if I had to guess, it's that entertainment aspect that keeps it as a front runner. I'd be curious to see stats on that though.