Hang This Portable Swing Kit Anywhere for an Instant Playground on the Go

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Whenever the urge to swing strikes—whether your're in an industrial-looking warehouse, a busy construction site, or a crowded sidewalk—as long as you can find something overhead that's sturdy enough to support your weight, you can string up this simple portable swing seat.

Created by industrial designer Kevin Shay, the canvas seat comes with all of the necessary ropes and hooks you'll need to string it up over a tree branch, the dangling hook of a construction crane, or even a particularly well-secured chandelier.


And since it hangs from a single point, you never have to worry about getting it level. So besides a water bottle and frisbee, the UpSwing looks like a required addition to your summer strolling kit. If only Shay would sell it to those of us who never outgrew playgrounds. [UpSwing via Notcot]