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Happy Birthday, Internet! Let's Celebrate Your History, You Old Gal

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've had many cake-themed posts lately, but it's not that we're fatasses. We're just celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Internet. And there's a lot to celebrate, because, as the Guardian shows, she's seen a lot of action .

The Guardian has put together a fantastic year-by year slideshow, including video clips and factoids, about how the Internet we know and adore came to be. Check it out and be sure to share your favorite parts. Mine is in 1971 in the form of the first computer virus, the Creeper. That and the fact that there's some disagreement about which day should actually be celebrated as the Internet's birthday.


But before you run off to explore history, how about a nice and loud "Happy Birthday!" for our darling? [Guardian]